The Boy Are Back in Town

I was going to pile straight back in but assuming there maybe people who are clueless about who and what this blog is about think I better start from the beginning.

I use to write a blog called Hose of Grouse which came from the Clan Grouse in Dungeon and Dragons Online. A while back my previous computer died and where I had been lazy with keeping log in details I found I could not get back in. So after a relaxing hiatus I am back and will be continuing to write about the exploits, builds and characters that I play.

So for various reasons I am able to play every day for at least 30 minutes and most days a lot more. After playing 8 years (more if you count the codemaster days) I have developed lots of characters and have played every class and every race. This does not make me an expert, doesn’t even mean I am good. Does mean I enjoy playing and I have probably too many characters. 29 is not the most I have heard of but it does mean a lot of characters get played very irregularly whilst others are played for weeks before I decide to switch. As some one who is medically retired (easiest way of describing it) I have time to explore all sorts of DDO mischief. And yes I have played for a long time and yet I am still here and still enjoying.ScreenShot00004

I have a completionist (not a triple though yet) who is working on his racial lives as a Tempest Ranger, A sorcerer who has 14 past lives and is now racking up racial reincarnation and a Barbarian that is 10 lives in. These I consider my mains as I always return to them. However slot 29 is currently a testing slot till I decide which version of Knife Priest I want. For those who are new to the game or haven’t yet got the Vistani enhancement this is a Cleric following the God Vol who gives benefits on daggers. I have gone twin daggers but at the moment deciding if he should be Aaismar or human and if his cleric domain should be magic or sun (tips here would be nice). I am adding pictures of him here with bits and pieces of his build so any glaring errors please let me know.ScreenShot00005

So there is plenty of things I can write about just with that, however I love wildernesses so I work out routes to ensure I get all the explorers and hit all the rares. Of course Barovia in the Mists of Ravenloft is a totally different experience and has grown to be my favoured wilderness at the moment. However once the current character running the heroic completes the saga and claims some extra guild renown I will switch back to running my sorcerer GrouseMerlin. So guess this is where I explain all my characters have Grouse in their name (Grousgetafix fails for obvious reasons). And this is where the Clan Grouse name came for the guild, there is another reason but that is something I am not going to talk about lol.

The guild may not be the biggest, there are just two accounts linked to it, but it is fun and we have our airship. We should hit 71 soon which when the guild started seemed impossible. Playing one game for so long and still enjoying every minute of it is strange when you compare the lifespan of most games.ScreenShot00006

One thing I am still deciding on is linking each blog title to a “relevant” song and having it as the title to the blog entry, I also linked the youtube video to it as well. Not sure how people feel about this? If people find it strange or distracting then I will stop, if you like it I will try to get more inventive. However that would mean taking a premium plan and not sure yet if that is something I want to do.

So very basics covered, I intend to publish one a week if my health is okay, gaps will appear when my body betrays me.

Welcome to the new blog

Clan Grouse.

3 thoughts on “The Boy Are Back in Town

  1. Welcome back 🙂
    Titles are just as good as the music itself! And I almost missed the ” The Journey Begins” quote. Like the inspiration very much. Maybe that would be good instead of music!!
    Either way, your blogs always help players one way or the other.
    Me, not so much LOL. I need to be told face to face 100 times over by my very patient guildie 🙂

    Expert Player/Good Player!!!!! When one can tell another how many creatures are going to be around any one corner,, I would say they knew every nook and cranny of a game. LOL
    Well done. Looking forward to more.

    Liked by 2 people

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