It’s Two Kinds of Magic

So let me introduce you to one of my three mains. Grousemerlin Level 20 air savant with 12 past class lives and two racial which I will explain in a moment. He has taken water as his secondary element which means I get both feather fall from his air savant and water breathing from the points spent in the secondary element tree. If helps no end as I don’t need to switch items in and out or tie up a wearable item to gain the ability. It makes such a difference especially when I forget that I haven’t switched in the feather fall item a second before I go splat.

Not bad, plenty of electric.

Now Merlin has taken a +5 tome of supreme ability which means added to a 36 point build he has become potent and could easily switch to other classes which helped no end with the past lives. I was certain how I wanted the build to play and this got me to do the heroic past lives without taking the epic before now. Having just broke level 20 I will be adding the epic past lives to where I am now. Before we go over the past lives and the implications lets talk about how I use the keyboard and UI. I am a right hand on the arrow keys for movement and left hand working 1 to 0 across the top of the QWERTY keyboard. I only have one one hotbar which has different abilities and spells. I tend to avoid masses of clickies as I would get lost of what is where, instead I have the hotbar set up with spells I I use to buff and I use the -/+ to get to the spell set up I want. Because I focus on electric/sonic as my main element it is easy to have different layouts for each dungeon.

Only Human (so far)

Now lets look at the past lives and the implications, I have taken Favoured Soul, Wizard, Warlock and Sorcerer 3 times each which gives me +9 to spell penetration, +60 spell points (mana), +9 magical resistance and +3 to evocation spells. I have also taken delver of the forbidden from Warlock past life which adds +3 to my spell craft and more important 10 lots of confuse per rest. This makes for an incredibly potent character and as I am now working on racial past lives he will only get more powerful.

Having not taken epic past lives before there are still some weaknesses in his play which I hope to get past but with the boosts from his heroic past lives even monsters resistant to electric take some serious damage. The obvious last sets of lives will be dragonbon so he can take the racial benefits and marry them to the power he already has. I know it is difficult to get your head around all the past lives but I have a water savant and an earth savant both first life that I will go through at some point to show how planning from the creation of the character to their last life would work. Especially true as we see other races and classes introduced into the game.

Surprisingly Electric and Water mixes well here

The one thing I am sure people have noticed from the enhancement tree image is that I don’t take any spell like abilities like lightning bolt. With the number of past lives I find if I fire off a lightning bolt as a spell it works just find and I can cycle through 1 through 4 on the hotkeys. 1 is chain lightning, 2 is ball lightning, 3 is lightning bolt and 4 is electric loop. If a monster isn’t immune to electricity they go down pretty fast, if they are immune I have either sonic or frost spells to take the target down.

There is so much more I want to add but I will pick up next week when I look at the combat spells taken by Grousemerlin.

Happy Thunderbirds Day



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