Grease Lightning

So GrouseMerlin Air Savant is pretty focused in delivering maximum possible damage without taking any metafeats like maximise, in fact the only metafeat I take is eschew materials. Which may seems strange but the number of times I have run out of ingredients for spells at inopportune times. However everyone will find their own choices in terms of meatfeats. This blog piece is focusing on level 20 damage in Reaver’s Refuge, I have almost finished the 7500 slays so staying there till I do.

What I want to focus is the 5 main spells that I use in combat, which are lightning bolt, ball lightning, chain lightning, electric loop and Greater Shout. Remembering Merlin’s past lives very few mobs can resist the electric spells and if they can then Great Shout is surprisingly effective. Of course my secondary magic is water based which gives me some options in a worse case scenario. I have taken feats and enhancements to boost the amount of damage I am doing, which is taking me a long way past where damage should be.

At level 20 all the spells I choose for an Air Savant

At the lower levels I prefer Sonic Blast until I can take electric loop. As Sonic Blast is Area of Effect (AoE) you can hit multiple targets and break crates. Now that is a down side when you are running the spider solo quest in the harbour so wands or alternatives are a sensible option. However the important spell is electric loop, level 2 spell that can hit multiple targets and stands a good chance of stunning any mobs that survive the electric damage. Now the damage at base is between 20 and 30 once you reach level 10. However add is the bonuses from savant and a good club/dagger/staff I am seeing around 130 plus as normal damage.

Once you access level 3 spells you can take (and should) Lightning Bolt. Now it shoots in a straight line but if targets are behind the monster you target you can take down two or three with a little bit of luck.Maximum damage is the 40 to 60 range at base, with the right equipment 350 to 700 is possible without a critical hit. Now this is going at level 20, I am sure it will be more when I hit max level. And remembering no metafeats to boost damage!

Chain Lighting in slot 1, easiest choice for damage.

Ball Lightning is the most annoying as I seem to get really erratic damage and hits and misses of targets. Max damage range is between 70 and 90 and it is an AoE spell so all enemies in range should take damage, which is strange given the erratic nature of targets saving. May of course just be me but around 800 seems a regular number in terms of damage taken by mobs, still I would be happier if the damage was consistent in nature.

The last lightning spell is the most important one Chain Lightning. The damage range is 80 to 120, but that comes out at over 1000 damage.It works like electric loop in that in jumps between targets which means clearing a room can be done in a way that raises a big smile on this boy’s face (okay old man). Obviously the harder the quest the faster you will need to cycle through the spells to maximise damage without using metafeats.

Everything fall down, having a mess of fun.

Finally in my first choice offensive spells is greater shout. Apart from the 36 to 60 damage monsters are stunned for 6 seconds. It is the stunning effect that is a real bonus while trying to decide what other spells to use.

All of the spells mentioned can hurt more than one monster just some seem to be better at it than others. Next entry I am going to give my thoughts on defensive spells, however given the title can I just say that Grease has to be the most infuriating spell in the Arcane segment as it really doesn’t care who else falls over.

So next piece I will cover the secondary offensive spells from the water aspect. However I would like to point out that with equipment, enhancements and feats my caster level at level 20 is level 31. So I am casting like I am 11 levels higher. I will be interested to see how much more I can add as I take the epic levels.

Happy Night Revels



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