Madness to the Method

Well writing this a little differently, normally I go through a couple of drafts before putting the blog together. However this time writing from scratch no draft no rewrites. Not sure if it will flow better or not but hey we got to try these things.

So madness to the method is all about Grouseman, who is the character I have made most effort it building. He has his heroic class completionist and will be working on his racial reincarnation and epic as well. He already has four past racial lives but that leaves 28 more racial reincarnations. And that is madness considering I flit between different characters. Those lives are three warforged and one Halfing, currently on his second Halfing life.

I have invested a lot in Kukris for him so he will either end as Tempest Ranger or Assassin Rogue. Got so many lives I will be alternating so as not to be bored by the same old thing. I haven’t started his epics so that will allow me to play other classes and leave the Kukris in the reincarnation cache to he is ready again.

Now his build is real fun as you get plus two to stats from the completionist and he has taken a plus five supreme tome. So although when you look at the build at the start it is not special when you hit level 11 you have plus seven to your ability scores. So say as a human you start with eight on each score strength, dexterity etc will have a base score of 15 at level 11. This is going to make a difference to which ever class you want to play as.

So although planning 28 more lives sounds like a method, there is certainly a madness to spending the amount of time to get to his end goal. This is why the Air Savant is going to reach his end game first. Frustrating but there are only ten more lives there to complete. And yes when you add in the barbarian you are looking at around 45 more lives before I start on my other characters. So say another ten years?

Grouseman seems more Grousemad.


3 thoughts on “Madness to the Method

  1. Alas, my chronic and acute alt-itis means completionist will likely never be more than a pipe dream for me. Kudos to you for your dedication!

    And also kudos on the excellent blog post title. 😃

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