Two Hearts

So apart from one person this is just about synergy between race and class and hence the two hearts, wood and blood. This was something I wished I had of known more about when I started, it would have meant a lot less deleting of toons when they didn’t work or were less effective than I was lead to believe. Some races are naturally drawn to some classes and other races would inherently gimp a class.

So Humans are the almost safe bet as they can make any class work and if I was creating my very first character in game, playing as a human makes a lot of sense. With a total of 12 races and 14 classes I could be writing for weeks to cover all the options. Even my favourite class sorcerer has five enhancement options and with 12 races that gives 60 basic options before we start spending enhancement points.

So there are a lot of options but unless you are very confidant in creating unusual builds I would suggest we focus on synergy to make character work to their best. Obviously if you and free to play there are limits but as a VIP and having bought the expansion packs I have everything in game available. Certainly if I was building a divine character like a Cleric or Favoured Soul I would naturally be drawn to Aasimar, Half Orcs make good fighters and Dwarves make good Barbarians. There is no reason that these would be my only choices but if I was starting these are common sense.

Strangely I see my sorcerers ending up as Dragonborn because of the synergy in colour and savant. So breath weapon would benefit from the build and Charisma would enhance the power of the build. The other choice I feel drawn to with Dragonborn is Paladin for either the strength or Charisma.

As to Rogues guess the sensible option would be either Elves or Halflings as the most natural choices but these are only suggestions or hints. I  have played many different races and classes to find what works best for me. Mostly now it has become instinctive for me in choosing race and class especially in reincarnations trying to make characters fun to play and effective. I am sure I will still mess up occasionally but that is fun in a different way trying to survive a bad build.


6 thoughts on “Two Hearts

  1. Finding the right combination of  race and class can be a bit daunting.
    But with all your reincarnations you have managed to do an amazing job and having lots of patience to get through a toon that survives a bad build!
    The title was perfect as usual 🙂

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  2. I’m not sure why you counted the class enhancement trees as multiplicative with the race enhancement trees. They are additive, in that you have 5 class enhancement trees plus 12 racial trees to select from amongst, making 17 in total.

    You’re also excluding the Iconic races, but whatever.


    1. I counted them that way because you do not have to use all the abilities in the tree, The number of possible builds is understated if truth be told. As to Iconic not everyone has those, just as not everyone have all the races and classes. Iconic should have a natural synergy.


      1. Look even at base each race can choose to be any one of the savants or the eldritch knight. So each race has 5 choices over which prestige enhancement to follow which is why we have 60 options without Iconics.


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