Electric Man

Today’s title comes from a track by Rival Sons. And as I have epic and heroic racially reincarnated my Air Savant it is as accurate as an title I have picked for my blog entries.

So I have worked on my completionist and my savant and literally alternating playing them each day. With all the boosts I have now it has become a lot easier blasting through the early levels and with the stunning effect of sonic blast I often get some time to decide who dies in what order. And of course once you hit level four you take electric loop as your first second level spell.

I am power levelling with both now I have hit level four because that is the way I have always done it for the last eight years. Not something DM would ever let you get away with in the PnP (Pen and Paper) version. But online it is a thing and I am guessing a lot of us do it. Now I could level faster if I played reaper etc but I still enjoy the journey and want to take it in rather than rushing and not enjoying it.

I don’t even think about what I take in enhancements as I go forward with the character build. I have done it so many times I wonder if I could make a mistake while not thinking and just assume I got it right? Nope too many times I have made savants and each one has a natural order to being built that has become instinctive. If anyone ever wants help with any of the savants can ask here or on twitter and glad to help.

Obviously the other classes are not as easy for me and I have never levelled an eldritch knight beyond eight so that is something I couldn’t advise on.

Starting to get the feel of writing again.



3 thoughts on “Electric Man

  1. Hmmmm, I might hit you up for some advice on eTRing water savant Chalei. Her damage is respectable (I have a screenie of her hitting something for 33K of YELLOW damage), but I’d like her to be more survivable.

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